The Top of The Ridge

Looking up at the top of a tree covered ridge up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

A view of trees on the top of the ridge.
Trees are thick on the ridge.
Microwave towers on the peak in the San Bernardino Mountains.
Zooming in on the microwave towers.

A view of the peak from the San Bernardino Mountains.

2 Replies to “The Top of The Ridge”

  1. Why do they call those “microwave” towers? What are they used for?

    We have a tower in our town with flashing light on it, and at night it looks like lightning, if you do not know any better. I think that is light pollution.

    The scenes you show here are beautiful! It’s very peaceful, and I can hear dogs barking in the distance in your video.

    1. The microwave towers are used for the microwave communication between Los Angeles and the San Bernardino Mountains. These towers were built in 1954, and still in use for microwave frequencies. Now more people are using cell phones and satellite frequencies, but at the time these were really high tech towers. I was surprised my camera was able to zoom nine miles away and pick up this much detail.

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