The View From Old Woman Springs Road

Old Woman Springs Road is officially known as state route 247, but the more descriptive name is like listening to a story. I have read it was called this because the  surveyor Colonel Henry Washington encountered elderly Native American women near the springs that run along this route.

View From Old Woman Springs RoadThe view on the drive from Lucerne Valley to Joshua Tree was quite scenic.

View From Old Woman Spring RoadThe slideshow below is a visual of the drive along State Route 247 on day in late September.

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The video shows the drive on SR 247 to Joshua Tree.

6 Replies to “The View From Old Woman Springs Road”

  1. I love how the clouds seem to be backlit in the first couple of pictures. It is interesting to watch a video to get directions. I wish there were video directions to some of the local places I would like to see.

  2. I like Old Woman Springs Road better, too. I can imagine older women (hey that includes me) walking along, enjoying the solitude of the space and moment. I love the colors of your photo, Sweetbearies.

    1. You are not old, Susie! I think at the time Henry was a very young guy, so anyone probably seemed old to him. Age is all about state of mind, but I do love the name of this road because I feel like it tells a story.

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