Throwback Thursday With Death Valley And A Donkey

Donkey In Death Valley
A donkey I spotted during a car trip in Death Valley, California.


This month in 1993 my family decided to take a road trip to Death Valley, California. This was the second time I had visited the national park, which at the time I was not overly excited about. Now I am glad I had the opportunity to camp near Schwab Ghost Town, and go on hikes around the charcoal kilns in Wildrose Canyon. I have not been back to Death Valley since my trip twenty-two years ago, but the video below shows a bit of my trip via photographs I took in April of 1993.

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    1. The charcoal kilns are no longer in use, which was why I thought these were so amazing when I went to Death Valley back in 1993. Back then I was not quite appreciative of going on a camping trip there, but now I am glad my dad liked to do that sort of thing.

  1. One day I’d love to visit Death Valley and hadn’t realised there were charcoal kilns there – makes sense, but interesting to know about .. and to see the Ghost town .. Schwab … lots of history around Death Valley .. cheers Hilary

    1. Schwab was quite an intact ghost town when we camped there in 1993. I heard it was ran by women, and they did not allow drinking like in some others towns in the wild west. Unfortunately, I hear vandalism has destroyed some of the buildings since I visited, so I am glad I captured pictures from that time period.

  2. There is so much history there and you wonder how animals can survive but they do. I love those kilns that look like beehives. I hope the donkey was aok

    1. The donkeys in Death Valley are hardy creatures, and he was pausing the drink the water where it trickled in that area. I still hope he is okay though.

    1. I would find it interesting to go on a donkey ride today. Back in 1993 the thing I liked most about this trip was the donkey I spotted out the window of our car.

  3. I just missed you and your family. The Late First Husband and I took a trip there in May, 1993. We stayed in Independence, I think that was, and made side trips into the desert. We wanted to see spring there. I’d like to go there at least one more time.

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