T Is For Throwback Photography

Today T is for Throwback Photography, and currently I am looking at some old photographs from a family vacation. Usually throwback photography is reserved for Thursday, but since today we are writing about the letter T, I decided to explore this topic. This is a picture of my taken back in the summer of 1982 during trip to the Red Rock State Park in Arizona. Pictures are often worth a thousand words, and I feel inspired a draw an image such as the burgundy colored rocks with trees cropping up here and there.

Photo of me at the Red Rocks Park.

Some people do not enjoy looking at other people’s photographs, but I always enjoyed pouring over old pictures, and wonder about the story behind each snapshot. There were a few old photographs that the previous owners of my childhood home left behind, and I enjoy looking at these as a kid. My dad and grandpa were always interested in photography, which made me want to get a camera and start snapping away when I was old enough.

I might not own an DSLR camera, but this has never prevented me from taking photographs that I find inspirational. Since my photography is often the inspiration for my art projects, I believe the photograph needs to speak to the individual rather than worrying about how the general public perceives it. Thus, I will always be mesmerized by old family photos, and probably could entertain myself for hours if I stumbled on a photo album someone left behind. I would wonder about the stories of each person in a scene, and probably could learn quite a bit about them by just looking at the photographs.

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