U Is For Umbrella

The letter U is for Umbrella, and photographs with umbrellas can be quite mesmerizing.


I keep my umbrella near the roses and the watering can drawing.
I keep my umbrella near the roses and the watering can drawing.

It has not rained much this past winter here in Southern California, so I have not really had to use my umbrella. I keep hoping for more rain now that it is spring, but rain drops from the sky seem to be elusive this season. When the rain rarely comes you begin to miss small things, like the muggy smell of raindrops hitting the warm pavement on a humid spring day. Some people probably detest that smell, but this year I seem to yearn for it.

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  1. I am sorry it has not been raining there much this year. That is a nice umbrella you have. Umbrellas rarely cooperate with me. In Taiwan, I broke a lot of umbrellas because I did not know how to use them in a high wind.

    1. Honestly, I think umbrellas are useless if you are walking with a high wind. We get a lot of wind here in Southern California being next to two mountain ranges, and in past winters when there was a hard rain with gusty winds, my umbrella would blow inside out. If I was walking it was almost easier to just walk without it rather than wrestle with the umbrella.

    1. That is how I imagine rain from the time I was a child. It had this quixotic aroma on a warm spring or summer day, and mixed with the pine trees, it was amazing.

  2. True of the comments above. I wish there was a way we could send you the rain from Ireland now and then, and we could trade some of the amazing SoCal weather. Great pic – love the colours of the petals with the umbrella’s polka dots. Great spot for your brolly!

  3. It is scary how little rain we have gotten this year. I miss laying awake at night listening to the rain fall.

    I like the picture of the umbrella!


    1. I wish we were getting more rain as well. The picture next to the umbrella is one I drew with colored pencils, so thanks for the nice comment!

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