U Is For What Is Under The Tomato Slices?

This "soupy" salad consists of romaine lettuce drenched in a black bean/enchilada sauce. Tomatoes were placed on the top.
This “soupy” salad consists of romaine lettuce drenched in a black bean/enchilada sauce. Tomatoes were placed on the top.

Seriously, I had no clue about what subject to tackle for U in the A to Z Challenge. There is something under the tomato slices in this bowl, and I am going to share this unconventional recipe I like to make. Today I made something I occasionally like to throw together when I am busy, and I call it my “soupy” salad.

Honestly, I was never a huge fan of soups most people make, unless it is a vegetable soup my mom creates from scratch. I also like a sweet potato carrot soup I concocted years ago, but when most people talk about a soup and salad bar, I am eyeing the latter, and skipping the pre-packaged soup. These are usually just too salty for my palette, and most people add I can handle, and this is even when it comes to homemade soups.

Even though I have a disdain for soup, I realized over time I really love “soupy” salads. Actually, I think I just like to make vegan protein rich salad dressings that can actually be poured all over a salad without the guilt of the bottled oily salad dressing.

Even if I pureed two avocados with some tomatoes to make a salad dressing, this is so much lighter and fresher than if you were to pour a whole bunch of the oily salad dressing out of a bottle. I have made salsa salad dressings from scratch by pureeing tomatoes and avocados, or tomatoes, beans, and avocados. The combinations are endless.


However, today I was busy, so I simply pureed some black beans with vegan enchilada sauce. I drenched the chopped romaine lettuce in my soupy black bean sauce, and topped this with tomatoes. So this is probably not something everyone would want to eat, but I enjoy a “soupy” salad from time to time.

4 Replies to “U Is For What Is Under The Tomato Slices?”

  1. That soupy salad actually looks good! I like beans, and tomatoes, when fresh, can be a real treat.

    It is clever of you to turn this into a letter U post. If I were participating in the challenge, I would probably have written about Underdog and how Ping feels about him.

    1. Hi Aya, if you want to do a guest post on the letter Y, let me know. You could share a short story about a character that has a name staring with that letter :).

  2. Very creative! You remind me that an avocado has been sitting on the counter for a few days. I have no tomatoes but there’s still some organic spaghetti sauce in the fridge. I can mix it with some of that, chopped purple onions and red peppers. Okay, we’ve got dinner.

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