10 Replies to “W Is For The White Rose Bush”

  1. Hi Sweebearies .. love roses too any colour .. but a bed or bush of a white rose looks so pure … gorgeous photo – cheers Hilary

  2. White roses are especially elegant, I think. It requires clean air, though, for them to stay white, doesn’t it? The roses in your post do look clean and fresh.

  3. Gorgeous white roses. I don’t see many around. I suppose they get cross pollinated with the colors around them. Today, I saw the most beautiful yellow rose with just a tinge of orange. It was so tempting to snip one off.

  4. I love how roses smell, the ones that are growing on the bush, not the ones that have been cut and shipped to florists and markets across the globe. The heirloom varieties smell so good, and roses are not a plant I would try to grow on Maui. Too humid and damp where I live, though there are microclimates that would work on Maui, it’s just too much hassle for my particular location. Thanks for all your comments on my blog

    Maui Jungalow

    1. I always enjoy visiting your blog. I think even here in California roses would not do well naturally, and there is a lot of water needed to sustain these. Right now with the drought continuing there is already talk about what type of landscaping will be best in years to come. Our weather is so wonky in that we did not really have a winter, and then finally it rains on Saturday. However, when it does rain it definitely pours like the song said.

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