W Is For Whitey The Cat

Years ago I had a white cat, whose name was Whitey. He was a very sweet little cat that would follow us around on daily adventures. Here are a couple pictures I took of my sister and Whitey the cat back in 1987.

Whitey the cat is standing near my sister
Whitey the cat is standing near my sister
Whitey the cat has gone off nearby to explore while my sister continues to pose for me.

Even back in the 1980’s as a kid I was having fun with my camera, and getting my sister to pose for me. It was a happy accident that Whitey the cat just happened to be in these photographs, and all these years later I am happy to see I captured a few images of this amazing feline friend.

4 Replies to “W Is For Whitey The Cat”

  1. I like these pictures of your sister and Whitey the cat. The sun must have been very bright that day, as your sister is closing her eyes against it. Is this your younger sister?

    1. I took these pictures when I was eight, so as the camera person I was probably not the best at telling my sister to keep her eyes open for a photograph. Whitey was a sweet cat and I enjoyed him sitting on my lap, but honestly I did not know what else to write about for the letter W, so I decided to write about Whitey the cat.

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