Why We Should Be Kind Vegans

I admit I am probably a bit of a hippy and a pacifist when it comes to this, but I think we should be kind vegans and people. This sentiment goes for non-vegans as well. There is no need to put others down or call names. Just as with politics and I find the name calling distasteful, I find the same when some vegans shame other vegans and non-vegans for their lifestyle choices. I whole-heatedly believe in whole foods veganism for ethical and nutritional reasons, and if you wonder why, then watch the movies Earthlings, Cowspiracy, and follow Dr. Barnard  or Jack Norris on Facebook if you have more questions about why more people are becoming vegan each day. When people first make the connection between animal abuse and factory farming they feel passionate about it, but there are helpful and unhelpful ways of expressing empathy for our animal friends.

I will never stop speaking up in favor furry friends, but I do not like it when people belittle a person’s physical appearance and say because she is not a vegan or not vegan enough this person is not “worthy”. Bullies try to cover up their behavior by declaring others need to “toughen up”, and imply their victims are the one with the problem. Oh you do not like what I am saying? Then go away they declare. That is a bit hard when you go to a person’s social media page and barrage them with disparaging comments.

If you are vegan for health and ethical reasons, then you should also be invested in the emotionally healthy perks to this lifestyle. Calling someone names is not characteristic of emotional well-being, just to clear the air on this misconception. Beauty is skin deep, and I believe our words and actions make us more appealing than our physical exteriors. It is not okay to poke fun of how someone looks or call them a four letter word just because they are not vegan. Some non-vegans being called names are beautiful and athletic, and I find it disconcerting that bullying is being considered acceptable.

It does not matter what anyone looks like, and disparaging someone’s appearance is never okay. Body shaming has never been proper, and no matter how much you cry freedom of speech, most people will cringe when they read and hear name calling. You have all the freedom of speech in the world to share why you think veganism is the best, but do not go to other people’s pages and call them names. Do not make videos calling out other celebrities. This does not come across as wanting to help your fellow-man or animals, by the way. It is a page views generation scheme, and that is about it.

We should consider using more compassionate thoughts and words when we interact with others, and just because using four letter words is the new norm does not make this an acceptable or healthy behavior. I am not against all swearing, but the blatant use of cuss words comes across as intellectually lazy, and taunting others will never be a good look. Think before you type. How would you feel if people said certain things about your sister that seem to be okay with some on social media? We are all beautiful in our own way, and making fun of someone’s appearance is not cool, or healthy.

Be a kind vegan and think before you type.
Be a kind vegan and think before you type.

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  1. Oh that is horrible and there is bullying everywhere. It is wrong plain and simple and if someone believes in something that does not gel with another person’s belief, they are allowed to think and feel that way. How dare people belittle just because someone else thinks differently. I wish I could say people are evolving, but I don’t think so because human beings are the nastiest animals.Whatever happened, I am totally understanding even if i am not a vegan. Whatever was said or done is wrong and if someone attacked my brother or friends, i would defend them passionately.

    1. I would go into it, but then I feel like I am giving attention to the people perpetuating the name calling. Basically some vegans think making TMZ style videos about non-vegans will win others over, but some celebrities got tired of people coming to their videos and calling them names. One woman apparently got a few videos taken down where her diet advice was being questioned because these videos were not really about her advice, but used as a vehicle for others to call her names for over a year. I try to stay out of such things, but for the last few days I have seen people trolling this woman’s Instagram page calling her names and worse. Yes, I know there will always be people who do that, but this is now bullying. It is not right, and I do think people have a right to stand up for themselves if someone kept making videos about them. It is not really even a freedom of speech issue at that point. Also, making videos calling out celebrities to go vegan does not really have an impact. If you are worried about sharing veganism, then why not talk to public health officials. I am trying to stay neutral, but it seems like bullying is becoming justified now in many areas. I have never liked Donald Trump in recent years with some of his more disparaging rants, but people at Coachella were screaming the f word about him, and I do not see how this helps either. It seems now it is okay to scream insults at someone, and I do not think this is right. I guess I worry too much about this kind of stuff.

  2. It always is a good idea to be courteous. I am not a vegan for ethical reasons, not just nutrition. What I appreciate about your brand of veganism is that you don’t try to force it on others. There is room for more than one diet in this world, and we can all try to get along without agreeing about everything.

    1. I do not think people will agree on everything. I think screaming at others who do not fall in line is the best deterrent to getting people to agree with you, actually. I am also disconcerted by how popular screaming and slur words at people who do not agree with you has become. It is like people think screaming at someone will change their stance.

  3. I love this post! In my immediate family, we have those that eat meat, those who eat some kinds of meat, and those who eat no meat. We have similar differences regarding dairy. I have always tried to teach my children that I would respect their eating (or not) choices, but that I expected them to be civil to those who made different decisions.

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