Will This Matter Thirty Years From Now ?

There are things that seem so imperative at the moment. Irritations and frustrations might rise to the surface, but when this is brought to your attention, it is time to step back and reassess. Will any of this matter thirty years from now?

I recall the even-keeled demeanor of my grandpa, and how he seemed to get along with everyone. He never really had much stern or negative to say about people in general, and I only recall one time when he actually argued about politics with my aunt. People might say things he did not agree with, but in my presence he would reveal his real opinion because we were more like minded. Sometimes saying what you think with the like minded is a safe haven, and holding back when there is conflict is the strongest thing you can do.

A few years ago I thought that debating politics online would be a way to allow my introverted self to express my opinion more often. However, I decided to finally stop doing that because it made me feel drained. Debates and back and fourths about points do not always make the world a better place.

The little white flowers on this bush are quite soothing.
The little white flowers on this bush are quite soothing.

I often do have opinions, but I realized these need to be put in check. When I look at the mountains or the hills, sometimes I like to think about how momentary irritations are just that, and thirty years from now none of this will matter. The permanence of nature is what matters, and the best place to be is taking a walk admiring how the hills, or a large boulder was there a hundreds years ago, and will most likely be there a hundred years from now.

I want the courage of conviction not to say everything that pops into my head. I want the fortitude to just enjoy the moment. I find it when I focus and regroup. When I need to find balance and peace, I simply look to nature. Life is not perfect, but when you decide to focus on the basic and the serene things, you stop expecting so much. You start living more, and that can be a powerful thing.

Admiring the beauty of simple things helps to refocus one's energy.
Admiring the beauty of simple things helps to refocus one’s energy.

My cat has simple expectations out of life. She loves to sleep and play in the bushes. I often tell her how lucky she is because she does not have to deal with the daunting traffic of riding a bike in Southern California, or the overly assertive driving techniques that some like to display towards a bicyclist. Perhaps thinking more like a cat or a bird would do me good. No need to get irritated just because some guy in an SUV cuts me off. When I find myself becoming annoyed at something, I just look up at the San Bernardino Mountains. The outline of the pine trees on its peaks helps to bring me back to feeling very good. The sun is out and the birds are tweeting today. Life is good, and it does not have to be so complicated.

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  1. I enjoy finding peace in nature, and that is how I replenish my energy and my store of joy. In this way, I am the same as you.

    But I also write about and fight for things that I do honestly believe will matter more than thirty years from now. For instance, In my books about Jean Laffite, I pointed out how wrong it was to do away with privateering. This was something that happened in the 19th century, and it still matters today. Today I saw in the news that they were saying we should bring back letters of marque to fight ISIL. So, yes, some things do matter more than thirty years. These are the things worth fighting for.

    Even your beautiful cat Irina, if they banned all exotic animals — and cats are exotic as they do not originate here — would suffer if there were not people fighting Animal Right Activists who want to take away our right to have pets.

    It is okay to look to the hills, the flowers and the sunset to get some peace of mind and think about eternal beauty. But then we still have to fight for what matters.

    1. I agree with what you are saying, Aya. I admire those who fight for the things that matter. I will support people like you who do that. I just find I do not want to get in back and forth arguments with people about politics, which was just one example, but there are other topics as well. Sometimes I find I reach the end of the road where if I say what truly pops into my head, it would not be helpful, and it would just cause a conflict.

      I am a bit of a people pleaser, and the back and fourths feel draining to me. I have come to accept I want no part of it. In the overly assertive and opinionated culture of Southern California, I just need a break from it all. I really love the climate and environment here, but people are just way too opinionated about everything. I want to get to the point that when someone says something that might annoy me momentarily, I do not let it. I am noticing when I focus on nature, I am able to do that.

      I just want to abstain from always sharing my every thought on topics that will just descend into a back and forth going nowhere. I will definitely comment on and share your posts, though. I just realize I am not a fighter, a debater, or even someone who enjoys the back and forth that much. That is okay. I still have opinions about things, but I am trying to teach myself the art of restraint. I need to remain focused on creating art and writing, and getting into too much heated debate detracts from that. I am inspired today by the words of Kahlil Gibran:

      “You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.”

      This is my momentary truth. It might be my guiding point for two months, or two years. I just need to do that right now.

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