Y Is For The Yellow Banana Orange Smoothie

The yellow banana was sweet and delicious.
The yellow banana was sweet and delicious.

Today the letter Y is for the yellow banana orange smoothie. To create this smoothie, I added four bananas and one orange along with some almond milk. This helped to ensure the smoothie was yellow so I would have something to write about for the letter Y.


What I have discovered over the last two years is that satisfying my sweet tooth with fresh fruit works best for me. In the mornings, I make delicious smoothies, but once or maybe two times a month I like to bake a desert sweetened with fruit. In the past I always used sugar, but recently I decided to try using fruit in a cake only, and it definitely works. The plus is you do not have that ugh feeling after eating a piece of cake sweetened with fruit, which is something I usually get with processed sugar deserts.

Yesterday I used pureed raisins and a banana along with carob to make a sweet yet not overly saccharine cake. I find bananas are one of my favorite fruits these days, and having these on hand is a much more nutritious way to deal with my sweet cravings.



3 Replies to “Y Is For The Yellow Banana Orange Smoothie”

  1. Hmmm, pureeing raisins. How come I never thought of that? Me thinks it’s time to have a smoothie for breakfast now and then. I’ve come late to the ABC party, but that’s okay. I’m going to enjoy reading your posts backwards, Julia.

    1. If puree raisins in a smoothie is not your thing, you can always put these into a cake, like what I did with the raisins and banana. People are put off by the idea of eating a cake without sugar, but the fruit can sweeten it without that disgusting after feeling.

  2. I can’t eat bananas because of the amount of carbohydrates…gives me an instant headache. I think it is neat that you have found different smoothies to quench your sweet tooth

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