Z Is For the Zebra Shirt

Today the letter Z is for the zebra shirt I created. This A to Z Challenge has been about sharing things that caught my eye, and my art projects, so I decided to conclude the challenge with one of my favorite shirts. When I started making shirts with my own artwork I realized I had quite a bit of fun doing this, and that I was adding pieces to my wardrobe that I truly wanted to wear.

Some people will always complain that they have nothing to wear, but I like wearing shirts with my own artwork. Having your own sense of style is a good thing, and means you feel less pressure to look a certain way. I never really liked those shows where people tell others what to wear because I often thought the people who were put on those shows looked cute to begin with. However, that is just my take, and I like things that are not considered to be conventionally beautiful.

Wearing the zebra shirt, which has a reprint of my colored pencil drawing.

12 Replies to “Z Is For the Zebra Shirt”

  1. I thought your letter Z would be the Zebra shirt! It is such a vibrant drawing, one of my favorites from all your artwork, And the shirt looks very becoming on you. I think we should all make our own fashion!

    1. I am thinking about creating my own fashion, and would do it if there was some backing. I do like that Zazzle allows me to do print on demand shirts, and the zebra is also one of my favorite drawings. Thanks, Aya!

  2. Hiya … yes – I love that shirt .. and a clever idea .. and I do hope someone will help you with some backing for your fashion idea … Love the zebra and I will be seeing you around .. cheers Hilary

    1. Even if I never get the backing for a fashion line, I honestly just have fun selling a few shirts on Zazzle. However, if someone likes my art and wants to back me to put out a line of shirts, I am not complaining :).

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